Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

One pound lost this week.  Actually, I'm surprised I lost any weight considering that I had pizza twice and fast food twice.  Yuck.  Today, the elliptical machine and I have a date.

In non-food related news, Joel and I talked for nearly an hour last night.  It was so nice to chit-chat before bed - almost as good as having him here in the evenings.  I've also noticed that with whatever line he's using to call, there isn't the delay I so fondly (or not so much) remember from his last two deployments.  It's so much easier to carry on a conversation without the weird pauses which make for a really choppy conversation.

Joel seems to be in pretty good spirits.  Maybe a bit sleep-deprived and missing food from home, but pretty up-beat still.  The marshmallow fluff that I sent was a hit and more was requested, so I need to start on the second care package...

The girls and I are doing really well.  Autumn is a super easy baby and is starting to laugh and coo more.  She's sleeping in her crib at night for 9-hour stretches, which makes me a pretty happy mommy.  The last week or so with Grace have been great - she's been very cooperative and a fun mini-companion for me.  I have lots of play dates scheduled this week which makes time go fast and the days seem a little less lonely for me. 

Thanks to everyone out there - you've been a great encouragement to me!  41 days down.



That's great to hear, I see he either got his fluff in the mail or was digging into supplies that were brought with him.

I remember that delay, you try to answer a question before it's done so its not as long.

Karla said...

Am I guilty for the 2 fast food meals? Oops. Thanks for the update--soooo glad that you and Joel were able to talk. Love you!