Sunday, August 8, 2010

Package #1

I'm in the middle of gathering odds and ends for the first care package of this deployment.  Right now there are a bunch of random things that Joel's asked for - magazines that have come in the mail, magnets for his locker, a card he forgot at home and Marshmallow Fluff.  Random, right?

I became a pro at care packages during his Iraq deployment... I had a stack of labels already filled-out, I had the packing tape figured out so it wouldn't stick to itself and I had an abundance of boxes and envelopes around.  I'm a little rusty right now and not looking forward to re-acquainting myself with the customs forms.  Ugh.

So, question for the other military spouses and my trusty veteran follower (you know who you are): What are other goodies that I should include in care packages?  I need some help because I'm totally drained of any creativity at the moment.


Lindsey said...

Beef jerky, box cookies (oatmeal raisin with dark chocolate chips), crystal light, trail mix, protein powder, breathe right strips (my husband has horrible allergies and polyps), baby wipes, and a picture my 2 year old drew for him. That was mostly what was in the box I packed up today. The last box I sent had toiletry items and snacks.

They are keeping them super busy right now, but soon I will be sending books, magazines, etc.


Well, this is something that is really hard to think of on the spot. You said earlier he had a kindle so books are out, Magazines ... check, magnets .... check, Fluff..... Check,


I really do not know the conditions of where they are at. Let me do some recon and I will hit you up in an e-mail with items that I would recommend. Because if I say an item and they cannot use it there, no point on wasting the postage.

Of course once we got tiki torches and a blow up pool sent to a guy... and yes the FD filled the pool and tiki torches were lit.


Lindsey I agree jerky, wipes, and pics are always some good items to send!

TAW said...

I cracked up when you said "had the packing tape figured out so it wouldn't stick to itself "
Oh, how many of us can relate to that????

We're about a month into the sand and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. I have my labels pre-printed, I've started pre-filling customs forms (if I do one a night, I stay well ahead).

This may or may no apply, but mail to my soldier is only taking 4 days to get to him. (he's not in A-Stan) so I've been making homemade treats more than I did last time when the mail took 2 weeks on most occasions. My hubby asked for "command hooks" those (removable hook things), mail, granola bars (the crunchy kind) but mostly he has a large PX on his base so he's not in need of much. Wipes are a must though - but he said they're in high supply and they usually come in the generic care packages, but he said that often just walking from his trailer to his office he needs a wipe down when he gets there.

That first box is so monumental for me.

Amber*Renee said...

I sent my first package a few weeks ago. It had his pillow he left here and wanted and other things he had left and needed.

He loves grape koolaid so I sent him a ton of the packets you can pour in a water bottle. I also sent him sunflower seeds and gum.

I just picked up some of his favorite candy to send him.