Monday, August 2, 2010

Coupon Counting

I love spending money, but not nearly as much as I love saving it.  Joel and I love Dave Ramsey's financial philosophies and are working toward becoming debt-free.  I can't wait to be debt-free.  But we're not there yet and right now I'm just trying to save money in any way that I can.

One very easy and painless way to save money and keep the budget tighty is to coupon and utilize savings that stores offer.  I get the weekend paper just so that I can have the coupons and I subscribe to business emails just so I can get exclusive savings and coupons.

I really want to see exactly how much I save by clipping coupons and using store offers.  So, I decided for the month of August that I would track every coupon and offer I use.  I would love for you to join me!

I started tracking today and saved $8.50 at Babies 'R Us just using coupons! 

Happy couponing.



A great place to check is , there are a lot of deal spottings on there along with coupon codes for online purchases.


I forgot to add (which has multiple sister sites like, they are shown on the main page of woot. But anyways this site has one deal-a-day and when it's sold out they sell nothing more, Unless there is a woot off and thats when something sells out they move on to another product. It is updated @ 1am. Oh and shipping is always $5 no matter if its a toy for the kids or a 55" plasma.

Jill said...

CSPURGEON - Thanks so much for the tips! I know my knowledge base of online deal-sites is pretty limited, so I'll have to check these out soon. I love the sound of a woot-off, by the way.

Johnisnotcool said...

My mom always used to cut out all the coupons for things she wanted then keep them till they went on sale and then its even cheaper!