Friday, August 27, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Go over and read what other military spouses said this week at Wife of a Sailor.

1.What secret indulgence do you act on while your spouse is away? (from Devil Dog Darling)
Shoes!  Although I don't think that Joel would call it a secret indulgence.  I love them and usually add some new pretties to my closet while he's gone.

2.If you were a spice, what would you be? (from New Girl On Post)
Vanilla Bean.  Seriously, good vanilla-anything rocks.  Try Starbucks' Vanilla Bean Frappuccino ice cream.  It's amazing.

3.Where do you go for support when your significant other is deployed? (from Texas Meets Washington)
I have a few close friends and family that are my go-to people for emotional support, spiritual and practical support.  There are just a few people who really truly walk this road with me and know my ups and downs.

4.What is the oldest thing you own? (from A Troop’s Girl)
Hey, that's my question!  :)
I'd have to say our house - it's somewhere around 90 years old.  Joel would say that it owns us.  And for anyone who owns an old house, you know that's so true.
But as far as a personal belonging, I have a tshirt that I got at a youth conference my freshman year of high school - so it's going on 14 years old.  It's barely holding together at this point, but I can't part with it.

5.How did you vision your future pre-military? (from Daddy’s Duty)
This would be pre-Joel since the military was part of the Joel-package when I found him.  I thought, in college, that I would move back to the Chicago area and do PR/Marketing for a firm in that area.  I'd so museums on the weekends and hit-up coffee shops during the week. I'd have a closet full of awesome shoes and designer suits.  My life is so different than I imagined, but I'm so happy with the way it's turned out.


USNchic said...

Shoes are a pretty great indulgence!

thickwaistprettyface said...

Vanilla Bean anything is amazing!

hmb said...

Old houses are the best--they always have so much character!

Poekitten said...

Oh shoes...I have a secret love affair with husband thinks I have enough. Men just don't get it!


2.Vanilla anything DOES rock!!!

4. I totally hear you, oh and I hear the contractors tearing off my front porch as I type.... it owns us!!!

1./5. all I heard was shoes..... for Jennifer it would be purses.

life said...

Oh my... Vanilla Bean Frappuccino ice cream is something I need to add to my grocery list right now :D

Emmy said...

Funny how life doesn't turn out as expected.