Friday, August 20, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Last week, Wife of a Sailor asked military spouses to come up with questions - so there's are all from other milspouses out there.  Jump over to Wife of a Sailor to see what ladies came up with the questions this week!

1.If you could be a fugitive from the law for whatever reason, what would your crime be?
If you see my face on the evening news, it's because I've gone on a Taser Spree.  I've stolen a taser from a cop (you know who you are) and went around tasing annoying people.  That annoying lady in the super market who takes forever deciding on what banana bunch to get?  Tased.  The rude person who talks down to the lady working retail?  Tased.  The old woman who thinks she can touch my baby?  Tased.  The teenagers swearing in public around my kids?  Tased.  And my neighbor who lets his weeds go?  Tased.  It would be fun.  And you know you'd want to join me!

2.How long do you think you will be a military family?
Joel has about 10 years in.  Another ten and he'll retire.  We'll see - maybe he'll stay in a bit longer then 20 years.

3.What’s your favorite recipe?
Lasagna.  Hands-down.  I had a friend from college who came from a very Italian family.  His mom taught me and my best friend how to make a traditional Italian red sauce.  It's delicious.  Joel married me so he'd have a lifetime of lasagna.

4.What would you want your last five words to be when you leave this life?
I'm ready to see Jesus.

5.Where do you hope to retire?
I'd love to retire in the Carolinas somewhere.  Joel thinks it's too hot there.  So, maybe New Hampshire?  I need mountains!


USNchic said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE #1!!! HAHAHA! Yes, I would definitely want to join you!

Rachel said...

I think I need your lasagna recipe :)

Anonymous said...

I would so go with you on your spree! What a great answer to the question! My hubby loves my lasagna :) I dont like to cook at all and frankly I am not that great at it but I love that he asks me to make lasagna for him

Athena said...

Love, love, love #1! Can I join you?

Poekitten said...

I want to join in on your taseing spree too! And NH is beautiful!

Sammie said...

Love your answer to #1! And yes, I would most definitely join in!

Sammie @

Jill said...

THRILLED to see so many other taser enthusiasts out there! :) I think we can start a trend.


1. Now that's comedy
2. Got a few more months than he
3. Lasagna most not my first choice but makes for a good meal.
4. Right on!
5. I like North Carolina, never been to South C., either way we want more heat. Of course leave it to Joel to want some place like NH, I picture that place like the middle ages cold, dark, and people are rude... ha ha ha ... just kidding for those reading this from NH.

Josh said...

If you want to get the same sort of point across without the legal implications of Tasering someone, you can always carry around a spray bottle and just squirt people with little blasts of water, like you might when a pet's getting into things around the house that it shouldn't.

Karla said...

Oh, Jill....the taser cracks me up. Good thing I don't know of any cops in my neck of the woods...or else I'd likely be in trouble for being an accomplice and aiding and embedding a criminal spree...even if it is justified.