Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who Do You Go to?

Christmas is behind us, but I've still been in a very reflective mood lately.  I've spent this deployment reading through much of the New Testament and time and time again, I'm reminded how amazing Christ's entrance into this world was.  I mean, for God to come as an infant... really, that's amazing, and just the beginning of how He displayed time and time again, His willingness to humble Himself for us...

But I digress on the purpose of this post.  One part of the Christmas story that always gets to me, is what happens right after Mary was told by the angel that she would conceive and give birth to the Messiah.  There are a few verbs that stand out, describing Mary's evolution of reaction:  troubled (Luke 1:29), confused (Luke 1:34) and humbled (Luke 1:38).  After the angel left her, Luke says that Mary got ready and hurried to see Elizabeth, her friend.  Mary had just received the most troubling, confusing and humbling news and her first reaction was to immediately go and see her dear friend.

How many times in our own life do we get news, however joyful or troubling, and our first reaction is to run to those who know our hearts?  I can think of so many times when I've immediately called my mom, sister, or dear friends.  You just have to talk to someone - either to release the burden or share the joy.

These last six months, with Joel overseas have been overwhelming.  Both in the best and worst ways.  I'm so thankful for those few who are close to me who I can run to and spill my hurt, sorrow, joy, happiness and raw emotions with.  There have been times when I simply do not think I can hold it together for one more second and it means the world to me to know that there are those who really know my heart and are willing to see me at my worst or celebrate with me when things are at their brightest.

I've been reminded these last few months, how God yearns for us to hurry to Him.  As easy as it is to pick up the phone or ask a friend to meet you last minute when your heart is hurting and your mind is confused, God wants so badly for us to go to Him.  Not only does He want it, He expects it.  James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you."  It sounds pleasant enough.  But it's more than just a feel-good statement. It's a command (look at the surrounding verses in chapter 4). 

So, I'm trying.  As easy as it is when I'm stressed, troubled and confused to just pick up the phone, I need to go to Christ first.  He needs to be the first Person who I spill my emotions to.  He wants to know my heart and understand what burdens it.  And even when Joel comes home, God still needs to be my first stop.  Joel's second, but God has to continue to be first.


SLP said...

Jill, such an important real life lesson... glad you are learning it... you are right it is what we need to do even when our world is all together... but it's still against human nature... the earlier we learn it the more we can glorify God... I'm right there with you!

Emmy said...

Yep you are right. But I think God also puts those other people in our lives to help do his work too.

Janna O said...

This is soaking in deep for me. Thank you for sharing with us what God has pressed upon your heart.