Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Gentle Reminder - Thanks God

So I wrote this post earlier this's all about going to God first when things are good, bad and ugly.  God wants to be the first "person" you go to...

So, just a few hours after I wrote this I was on my way out for a girls-only night.  I went to pick up my friend for dinner and within a few blocks of my house I got into an accident.  The side roads were really icy, and as I was driving, another car simply couldn't stop at an intersection and our cars collided.  Thankfully, no one was hurt, and neither car was damaged too much.  My first reaction was to pick up the phone and vent to my friend who I was about to pick-up.  But instead, I remembered what I had just written and decided to take a moment, get back in my car and pray.

God, thank You for keeping all of us safe.
Thank You that no one was hurt.
Thank You for protecting us, because it could have been worse.
Let this all work out.
Help me to remember that there are bigger things in the world then a little accident.

Within thirty minutes we were all on our way.  I picked up my friend and we met another friend for dinner and shopping.  It was great to be with them tonight and to laugh with them.  I needed to laugh and they delivered.  Thank God for dear friends.

So sorry, Joel.  The Dodge is going to need another bumper.  Poor car has had it's share of new bumpers.


KelleeLyn said...

Wow, how powerful prayer can be for calming our hearts! I need to do this WAY more often

Emmy said...

Oh no! So glad it wasn't too serious