Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 13

Happy Sunshiny Wednesday!  We have lots to discuss...

First of all, the bad news - I did not lose weight... But I have some good news..

I went in yesterday to see my doctor - and Praise the Lord, my thyroid levels are 100% A-OK.  I always get nervous going in, but I've now lived for over 9 years with only half a thyroid that is kicking-booty and doing it's job well.  During my appointment, I talked with the doctor about my struggles to lose weight over the past 13 weeks.  We discussed my workouts and my eating routine.  She told me, first off, that I'm perfectly healthy and that I didn't need to lose weight.  But she also said that she doesn't quite understand why with my workouts and limiting my calories to about 1,590/day why I'm still not losing weight.

She suggested that one reason could be that I'm not taking in enough calories for the amount that I'm working out.  She is weaning me off a medication this month - a prescription that can prevent weight-loss.  So, we are going to re-visit this in 6 weeks and go from there.  At that point, she may refer me to a dietitian.  Have any of you seen a dietitian while on Tricare?

A friend of mine offered to sit down with me and go over my diet and see if there are tweaks that can be made.  I'm going to take her up on that.  Another friend contacted me this week and gave me some great suggestions about boosting my metabolism by adding in more strength training and limiting my carbohydrates.  I've changed both of those things this week.  I'm still struggling with saying adios to my beloved carbs, but I've started eating lots more fresh fruits and vegetables and eating a lot more lean-protein and good fats.  So, many thanks to my great friends!
Here are my workouts this week
Friday -
60 minutes of cardio including the Arc Trainer and walking
30 minutes of strength training

Monday -
30 minutes of cardio on the Elliptical Machine
35 minutes of strength training

Tuesday -
30 minutes of walking (non-gym day)

Wednesday -
60 minutes of walking (non-gym day)

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