Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Love Packed Away in a Care Package

"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God."  I John 4:7

Happy Valentine's Day, all!  I hope you've all had a chance to give and get some love today.  I've read a zillion times today, that there should be no need for V-Day because we should all be showing those around us how much we love them daily.  But today is a good excuse anyway, to make sure that your loved ones hear how they feel!

I spent part of my afternoon in Grace's classroom - helping with the Kindergarten Valentine's Day party.  Today had special meaning for me.  Grace's teacher has a son who is currently serving overseas.  Over the past few months, I've had an opportunity to empathize with and pray for Grace's teacher and her family.  I've been honored and humbled to do so... I'm just thankful that God has given me an opportunity to love on someone who is going through a deployment.

This week, kids and parents in Grace's classroom donated items to be sent overseas to the teacher's son.  During the party today, the kids all made cards for him and I was going to help pack the box to go overseas.  Before I went to school to help, I stopped by the store to pick up things to go in the care package.  While I was in the store, and picking out things to buy, I suddenly had the fear the perhaps the other families didn't donate or didn't donate enough to fill a box.  So, I ended up buying more than I had anticipated because I didn't want the box to be half-full.

Now, I know that is linked directly to my own personal problems - the feeling that there isn't enough support for military families - and at times, feeling unsupported.  But I was completely wrong.  When I went to start packing and I was going through all the donated items, I was amazed by how much the families donated.  There were tons of wipes, candy, games, toiletries... I was really floored and extremely touched.

Honestly, that moment made my entire day.  Even though I've often felt misunderstood or my family's sacrifices under appreciated, I know that isn't really the case.  People want to help.  They really do want to support the troops.  Often times, though, I think that civilians just don't know how to help.  But when they are asked for something specific - hey, can you bring some stuff to school to go overseas to a soldier?  Yes!  They would love to.  And they'll do it in abundance.

I was so happy to not be able to fit everything in that box today.  I'm glad there was too much - not just a lot of stuff... a lot of love.

I hope that you feel loved today!

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Amy said...

What a nice post!:) I enjoyed reading it. You're right, I think people want to help, but aren't sure how to. I was pleasantly surprised by all the donations too! Glad you could be at the party today!