Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10 Things to Smile About: February

Holy smokes - February came and went way too fast.  But I'm ready for March and spring to come!

Here's a look at 10 things that made me smile this month...

1.  Another thyroid test with great results.  I'm now going on over 9 years with half of a thyroid without any complications.  Praise God!

2.  A great tax return (thanks Uncle Sam & thanks for the tax-free combat zone pay)!  And now we're that much closer to becoming debt-free.

3.  Special Mommy/Grace time... and pampering only a girl could appreciate.

4.  God's continued leading in our lives... and peace that can only come from Him!

5.  Breaking Dawn came out on DVD... I've only watched it twice, if you can believe it.

6.  Making homemade (an amazingly delicious) pizza with your dear friend.

7.  Train rides with "Pops" at the mall so Grandma and Mommy could shop.

8.  Getting the best text possible from your sister... telling you that your sweet niece accepted Christ as her Savior.  Nothing seems more special than stories about pure child-like faith!

9.  Spending Valentine's Day in a very special way with Grace's schoolmates.

10.  Getting your camera just in time for a moment like this... and being able to capture it for ammunition 15 years from now.

I'd love to know what made you smile this month!  And please, link up with EmmyMom!

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Emmy said...

Lol! Still just laughing at that last picture- that is awesome. And yes very good ammunition. :)
I have watched Breaking Dawn twice also since getting it :) So excited for the final part.

So so many great things. Glad February was such a great month. Thank you so much for linking up