Thursday, March 8, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: The Alarm

I wasn't planning on doing a Proud Mommy Moment post this week.  But the post kinda wrote itself...

Joel left this morning for training.  Since his report time was so early today, I asked if he wanted to sleep on my side - the side closest to the alarm.  See, I have a horrible problem with either hitting snooze a million times or just turning off the alarm while I'm still asleep.  But Joel decided he trusted me and that it would be fine.

Fast-forward to 1 1/2 hours after the alarm went off...  Grace is at my side of the bed crying, asking to sleep with us.  I look at the alarm, look at Joel and have a total freak-out.  I thought I told him to get up 1 1/2 hours ago.  But apparently not or not well enough.  I turned the alarm off.

So, in the next ten minutes, Joel races around grabbing stuff, getting dressed, saying he's not mad - and he's out the door.  I go upstairs to tuck Grace back into bed.  And then I realize if it wasn't for our little Grace asking to sleep with us, Joel could have gotten into a lot of trouble.  And most likely, it would have been my fault.

Even though it's annoying most nights, I'm glad Grace tried to sneak in our room last night!


Natalie said...

Well done Grace :) I'm a nightmare when it comes to the alarm- I leave it the other side of the room to force me to get up!

Kmama said...

I've had many, many alarm clock issues. I finally got my husband his own alarm clock for his side...but does he ever set it? Of course not. Men!

I'm glad Grace was there to wake you all up!

Thanks for linking up!

Emmy said...

Yea! Thank goodness for little tender mercies with the name of Grace. Eric and I both have our own alarms- though I never have to set mine, I have kids for that :)

Glad he made it and so glad you linked up

Oka said...

can't tell you how many times kids have saved the day here