Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My Depoyment Song: Now My Life Song

In the middle of Joel's last deployment, I talked about my anthem.  It was a song by Bebo Norman called Great Light of the World. This song summed up all that I was feeling during a time of anxiety and fear... And for many, like me, who have had a spouse deploy overseas, I clung to a song that spoke to my soul and offered me peace. 

Now it's been over a year since Joel's come home.  But God has continued to place this special song on my heart.  I still sing it so much around the house - often when I don't even realize it - that Grace either chimes along or will sing it while she is playing alone in her room.  The truth that even when we are broken, weak and feeling completely empty, God can fill us and be enough.  He is our enough. 

So, now after singing this song and allowing it be my prayer to God for nearly two years, I get to see Bebo Norman in concert later this week.  I'm so excited... he's been one of my favorite Christian artists... and I'm hoping that I get to hear my anthem live.

Do you have a song or verse that you've clung to since your loved one came home?

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Emmy said...

Yea! So happy you are able to go to his concert. I have several of our church primary (like Sunday school for kids 3-11) songs that I regulaly sing.
Whenever my kids fight I sing "there is beauty all around, when there's love at home". Drives them crazy :)