Friday, September 3, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Thanks, Wife of a Sailor, and all you other wonderful MiSpouse bloggers for this week's questions!

1.What is a weird/funny superstition that you have? (from A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench)
I don't really have any superstitions.  But when I was younger, I used to have a thing about having my right foot be the first foot to touch the floor in the morning.

2.What are your hopes and dreams for the years AFTER the military? After all, we aren’t in it forever! (from Stetsons, Spurs and Stilettos)
I would love to start a family business of some sort.  Joel and my interests are at opposite ends of the spectrum, so we'd have to be creative with this one.

3.Since [this] month is National Apple Month (no really!), I’d probably ask: What is your yummiest apple recipe? (from NH Girl Displaced)
This apple crisp recipe is super easy and really yummy.

4.How long have you gone as a military spouse without talking to your husband/wife during service? (from A Navy Princess and Her Little Sailors)
Two weeks.  It was at the beginning of this deployment and it was so hard.

5.I occasionally watch When I was 17… on MTV. So, what was something that was significant about your 17th year of life? (from Ashley Amazing)
I've talked before about working at a grocery store in high school - it was horrible.  I give major credit to anyone who can do this joy joyfully.  Anyway, my manager came-on to me and I had to deal with a sexual harassment claim against him.  It made me realize how naive and trusting I was/am and that some men are absolutely disgusting.

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