Monday, September 13, 2010

A Little Business

So many MilSpouse bloggers have done posts about Operational and Personal Security.  I have no desire to go in-depth about these issues.  So, consider this a friendly reminder.

You've probably noticed how little detail I've given about Joel's deployment location.  There are a select few who know where he's at and that's enough.  People ask all the time where he's deployed, and I'm always very general.  For the most part, I think civilians understand this.  I know military people understand this.  But there are always those who bring it up a couple times, I think hoping that I'm going to slip and reveal where he's at.  It's not going to happen.

The saying "loose lips sink ships" is as true now as it ever was.  We'll keep it at that.

Besides Operational Security, there's Personal Security.  Again, so many bloggers out there have offered really great, practical tips in this area.  For those of you who do know us personally, I ask that you never give out our full names, our phone numbers or our address.  Giving this information out to anyone is a small crack in personal security and it only takes a small crack to create big problems.  Anyone who has an idea that Joel is deployed and are given a phone number or address, is given a great opportunity to put our family's safety at risk.  It's basically saying "HUBBY'S GONE, WIFEY'S ALONE WITH KIDS - TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS."  Please, please, please don't ever give out our information.

If someone asks for information and you want to help, ask Joel and I first if it's ok to give out our contact information.  But please don't discern this for yourselves.  You never know who's listening and you never know where information may end up eventually.

I spend a lot of time at night anxiously sitting on the stairs in the dark, wondering what that "bump" was downstairs.  I'm in a house by myself with two girls - and I have a lot of anxiety about what-happens-if....  I ask that you would kindly respect my anxiety and consider my family's safety!


Just_Megs said...

I HIGHLY recommend APX security. We had one put into the house and it has really helped me with the whole "bump in the night" thing. They have outstanding customer service and awesome high tech gadgets. I am the BIGGEST wimp about sleeping in the house alone and the security system has really helped. It doesn't take the problem away... but it is nice to know help is a button away.

Jill said...

Just_Megs - Thanks so much for the tip! I'll have to talk to the hubby about it.


I recommend .45 cal security ... knowing your husband I know you know what that means.