Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Goodbye

We are finally into the deployment.  After nearly a year of deployment talk and plenty of anticipation (and some dread), we said our goodbyes last week and sent our favorite troop on his way.

Last week was plenty busy... there are always a lot of things to tie up - household projects, finances, legal paperwork.  We managed to set aside a part of one day to go out to a museum with the kids and have lunch afterward.  Joel and I stayed up "late" two nights to hang out, talk and get some Wii in.  And by late, I mean we both crashed by about 11:30.  What happened to the days of staying up 'til 3 every night?

The morning Joel left, he and I both woke up about an hour before the alarm - both anxious and nervous about the goodbye, I think.  I woke up with a feeling in my gut like I used to get before I took an exam I wasn't prepared for in college... kinda sick, thinking "how am I going to do this?", wishing I could just crawl back into bed.  Joel got up and made pancakes for all of us - he wanted to crack open the maple syrup form New Hampshire before he left.  I'm guessing the military doesn't serve real maple syrup overseas... We took a few pictures before we left for the base and once we got there, our goodbye was brief.  A few good "Joel hugs" (they force any air inside of you out), some kisses - I was trying to hold it together for the girls and Joel and was also trying not to break down.  I told him I loved him, that I'd miss him and that I was so proud of him.

I went straight to my parents house from the base.  I wanted to go right home and curl up on the couch with a blanket and call it a day at 9 am, but for the sake of the kids, I knew I needed to have some support around.  I actually called my mom earlier in the week to let her know my plans to come over the day Joel left.  I told her that I'd most likely call that morning and make up some excuse why I wasn't coming over and if I did that, she was to drive over and force me into the car!  Being home was not a good option for me.

So, we've survived the last few days.  One foot in front of the other.  Filling our days with projects and outings.  So far so good.

I'm missing my troop, but am so proud of him for what he's going to do.


Amy said...

Wow. Sounds super tough, but you did good. :) We appreciate your families service to our country so very much! Stay strong, it will go by fast!!

Maura said...

You're a toughie, Jill, and I don't know how you keep it together. Big hugs. It's so great that you have your mom around for support. Does she live in town?

Jill said...

Amy - Thanks. I'm sure hoping it goes by fast!

Jill said...

Maura - I don't always keep it together so well... when I do, I know it's only by God's grace! Yeah, my parents moved to the north side the summer after I had Grace. It's been a huge blessing to have them here - they do a great job taking care of us when Joel's away.


The picture looks great too bad it had to be pulled! I understand though

TAW said...

I Jill, welcome to deployment. I hate that time leading up to the big D - it's hard because on one hand you never want the day to arrive but then you just want to get the whole thing underway so that you can start counting down.

Good luck and I hope your months go by quickly!

Jill said...

TAW - Amen! That's totally how I feel about the "big D". I'm glad we're at this point - the dread leading up to it is too much for me. Looking forward to keeping up with your deployment, too!