Friday, December 2, 2011

10 Things to Smile About: November

1.  My newest niece, Paige!

2.  Watching Gracie as The Little Red Hen in the Kindergarten musical.  She did awesome!

3.  Catching Autumn reading my US Weekly.  Yeah, we're both intellectuals.

4.  Starbuck's Carmel Brulle Lattes.

5.  Lots of great time at the gym with one of my dearest friends.

6.  Nearing completion of my Christmas shopping.

7.  Friend dates.  Karla and I had dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants and then cheered Bella and Edward
on at their wedding.  It was a perfect night.

8.  Eggnog season is here!

9.  Thanksgiving dinner.  It was awesome.

10.  Getting our first real Christmas tree.  Grace helped Joel bring it home for us & Joel's thrilled to finally have a real one this year!

1 comment:

Emmy said...

How fun to have a real tree! We always had one growing up but just do fake now. Definitely want to get one one year.

Did you love Breaking Dawn?? I did- I actually went and saw it again last night-hehe

And very impressive that Gracie had the lead! Great list and thank you so much for playing along