Friday, December 30, 2011

The One Where Autumn Runs Out of the Bathroom...

We went out to dinner with some friends last night.  While we were waiting for a table (at the wrong restaurant, mind you), I went to change Autumn.  There was a changing table in the handicap stall, so I changed her and decided to take care of my own "things" while I was in there.... no need to make another trip.  So I'm, um, sitting there, and Autumn is touching everything.  Because you know, she's a toddler, and to a toddler, even the sanitary napkins basket is super exciting.  I'm freaking out because all I can think of is germs.  But she gets bored of the sanitary napking basket and moves on to trying to unlock the door.  She's a smart kid, so in about 1.5 seconds, she's figured out how to open the door. 

This has all taken place in about 5 seconds. In 5 seconds, Autumn has managed to touch every disgusting spot in the stall, and has also figured out how to unlock the door.  Her 5-second adventure has already bored her.  And I guess she decided she was totally bored with the stall, so she decides to leave.  She crawls underneath the stall door and out of the bathroom while I'm sitting there.  I'm not done. 

So, I pull up my pants in about a millionth of a second, because Autumn is already long gone.  I leave all of our things in the stall and chase after her.  Once I finally get a hold of her, I grab her and drop her on Joel's lap.  He obviously knew, from my expression, that something went horribly wrong - but I don't have time to explain.  This is still an emergency and I have to get back to the bathroom.

With all that being said and shared, I do not understand why public bathrooms don't include the fold-down seat with a 5-point harness for situations such as these.  Mom's are not magicians.  Toddlers are pretty much uncontrollable.  And a seat that we can strap them in so that they don't touch every unthinkable space in a bathroom and then leave the bathroom, would be great.  As a mom, I just want 2 minutes of worry-free time in the bathroom.  2 minutes.  That's all I'm asking for.  So public restroom owners, please do all of us moms a favor and give us a seat for the kids!  It's a need, not a want.  I promise.


Amber*Renee said...

I think I first saw one in an airport bathroom. It was genius :) Something all bathrooms should have.

Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

Grrr... one of my pet peeves, the diaper deck in the handicap stall. It doesn't make me angry at moms - they have to change diapers somewhere - but it does irritate me that business owners can't spare just a few more square feet to make things easier. I don't like waiting for a diaper to be changed when I have to go (not to mention my wheelchair blocks everyone else). I doubt moms want to wait for me either, as transferring & such takes more time than it would for an able-bodied person.

So business owners, how about you think of BOTH groups? Thanks!

Janna O said...

I saw one of those at a gas station in Plymouth! Ada didn't understand what it was for (she was in there by herself, I don't share that space with them anymore!).