Friday, November 11, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In: Veterans Day Edition

First off, a very happy Veterans Day to all of those who served our great country.  I'll admit that this day had very little meaning to me until I married Joel and began to understand who a veteran really is and how treasured they are.  I am beyond proud to not only be married to a veteran but to have so many in my life that I can call friend.  We are all better because of what they have done and continue to do for us - with complete dedication, focus and sacrifice.

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1.Freedom is never truly understoodd until it is taken away .

2.Veterans are quietly dedicated to a cause not many of us really understand.  They are sacrificial, self-less, loyal and one of our country's greatest treasures .

3.This country is the only country I ever want to live in .

4.Veteran’s Day means that we all have an opportunity to give back to those who have given us the most, and if anything, just say thanks .

5.A hero is someone who is so dedicated to the cause that they will put themselves on the line to fight for it, no matter what the cost .

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Emmy said...

You are so right about the freedom. And please thank your husband and thanks to you and your girls for all you have sacrificed and give.