Tuesday, November 1, 2011

10 Things to Smile About: October

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1.  I'm so happy that the new TV season is here and there are some really good new shows out there.  I'm loving New Girl on Fox, Once Upon a Time on ABC and Fox's The X Factor.

2.  Fall colors... seriously, I love this season and our neighborhood is lit up with every shade of red, orange and yellow.

3.  Date nights.  Joel and I went with some friends of ours to a Third Day concert.  We had so much fun... I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

4.  Autumn is walking!  Oh, and she's getting into everything, but she's so stinkin' cute that it kinda makes up for the disasters she leaves behind.

5.  Hummus.  I love the stuff.

6.  The New Testament.  A friend and I are reading through the NT this month - picking out the different names of God.  Even though I just finished reading through the whole Bible this summer, I've loved reading 15-20 chapters a day and having some accountability with it.

7.  Family time with trains.  Joel and I joined another family and took our kids to a local train historical society.  We got to check out a bunch of cool stuff and ride a caboose.  The girls had so much fun... and Joel did, too.  Of course.

8.  Praying friends.  A few friends and I started to get together this month for prayer and accountability.  It's so nice to know that there are those who love you and are praying for you daily.  It helps me to keep perspective when I'm lifting others in prayer.

9.  Financial progress.  As Joel and I continue on our path toward financial freedom, we are so relieved to have a solid budget, so when life happens, we don't get anxious.

10.  Halloween = kid cuteness.  I mean, seriously.  These two are beyond cute.  And it being Autumn's first year trick-or-treating, she picked up on the concept immediately.  Now we'll have to train her not to take candy for strangers.... until next year.


Emmy said...

Lol- yea Halloween does kind of go against everything we teach them. They are two very cute trick or treaters. I am jealous of your fall colors- I miss a real fall.
Yea for dates and good friends.
Thanks do much for linking up.

Impulsive Addict said...

I'm loving the fall line up of new tv. My favorites are Ringer and Revenge but I also love New GIrl and 2 Broke Girls.

I love that you have friends that pray with you.

Love the Halloween pics!