Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Thanksgivings

Happy Labor Day, everyone.  Joel thinks it's a bogus holiday, and I kinda agree.  But today got me thinking...

Through our last 8 years of marriage, Joel has never had a job we could really count on.  He's been more-or-less activated the entire time, but there have been many times that he's been off of orders and we've had to rely on our savings to get by. 

We've prayed a lot these last 8 years that God would provide a job and give us stability.  We've had many moments of anxiety.  We've worried too much.  But we've never gone without.  Our bills have always been paid and there's always been money in the bank.

Even though we've struggled in this area, God has always provided.  We've tried keep faith.  We've tried to live simply - although not always - not knowing what would happen 6 months down the road.

A few weeks ago, Joel got great news - he got an AGR job on base.  This means stable work - until he retires.  It also means that we can stay where we are and not have to go the active duty route.  Oh, and it also means he gets to do what he loves to do.

We are so blessed.  And relieved.  We can finally breathe a little easier and start planning for our future.


Michelle said...

My husband was the same way! God always provided for us but he was on/off orders constantly, depending on the funding situation for the Guard at the time and it was very stressful. But last year, right before he went to Afghanistan, he got an AGR job. It was such a relief to know that he would have a consistent, reliable job to come home to after the deployment. Congratulations!

Emmy said...

So so happy for you!! What great news! Truly so awesome