Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Financial Bumps

I wrote earlier this month about mine and Joel's plan to become debt-free.  We've only been going by our new budget for a few weeks now and have already seen huge progress.  I'll blog more about that at the end of the month to recap things.

But isn't it just like life to throw a wrench in your game-plan?  At the end of August, as we were gearing-up to our new live-like-we-have-no-money lifestyle, a chunk of our neighbors tree fell on our fence and my car.  And because it was an act-of-God and not our neighbor's fault, it goes against our insurance.  Now, I cannot even begin to tell you about the amount of homeowners claims we've had or how many times my poor car has been in the body shop.  So, this is an old story for us.

So, as we're working toward financial freedom, life happens, and it puts a major kink in our plans.  Normally this would get us down and it would really bother us... Why does it seem like life is against us sometimes?

But I have to tell you, even though we're bummed that we're going to have to pay some deductibles and some out-of-pocket expenses for this, we are beyond grateful to be in a position that we can pay for these things.  Yeah, I'd rather be paying down debt.  But we created our new budget so we could take a "hit" from life and not have to worry if we'll be able to pay our bills.

We feel blessed - even with a few financial bumps at the start of this journey.

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