Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First "Sick" Day

Grace is into her 3rd week of Kindergarten.  Less than 2 minutes after I came in from dropping her off, I get a call this morning, that Grace is complaining of a headache and is inconsolable.  Her kindergarten teacher said "I think you should just bring her home". 

So, I got back into the car, wondering why Grace would possibly start feeling sick... or why she would say she felt sick.  I just dropped her off and she was in good spirits.  Her only complaint was that there would be pineapple at lunch.  I know the adjustment from home full-time, to being at school all day has been hard.  She's tired.  She's whiny.  But she loves school.  So I prayed for wisdom and picked her up.

Right away, on our way back, she tells me that she feels fine but she just wanted to be home with me today.  I figured as much.  I tried to explain to her, as my mother did to me when I was young, that school is her job.  Just like Daddy has to go to work each day, she has to report to school and be a good student. 

We had a little chat when we got home - that today wasn't a play day.  We cuddled together in bed this morning and took a nap and she seemed to do better after that.

What do I do?  I know she needs more time with Joel and I.  So we'll make that happen.  But this can't be a habit.  She has to go to school.  She's going to private school - we're paying for private school.  Help!  What's a momma to do?

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Emmy said...

This is so hard... I think I always just got mean and made Lucas go- but he never complained once he got to school. I think you just need to make sure if she does come home that it isn't fun to be home. If she is "sick" then she needs to be in bed. And maybe even some incentives or reward for going to school so many days in a row?? Not sure- just trying to throw ideas out there for you. Good luck.