Friday, July 29, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

This week, Wife of a Sailor has us doing "or's".... so here is mine.

1.Facebook or Twitter?
Facebook.  Every once in a while, I'll check on someone's Twitter, tweets, whatever they're called; but I feel like I get more out of what people have to say on Facebook.  And I'm totally addicted to Facebook!  Any one else ready to admit it with me?

2.Hard Tacos or Soft Tacos?
Soft Tacos.  Hard tacos are messy. Once you take a bite, you instantly have parts of the shell as well as the filling on you.  I like that soft tacos neatly pack away all the goodness!

3.Gardening or crafting?
Gardening.  I often say to my crafty friends that I like to buy crafts, not make them.  I'm not artistic and I'm not handy, oh, and I hate messes.  So crafts just aren't my thing.  But I really appreciate those who are crafty, because I can use them when I need them.

4.Fruit or vegetables?
Honestly, I love both.  But I eat a lot more fruits than veggies.  I love the summer, especially when the raspberries are ripe.

5.Motorcycle or bicycle?
Bicycle.  Simply because they're safer.  I rode on a motorcycle with someone in college - and honestly they were probably the safest rider out there, but I was still not comfortable.  About 8 years ago, I so a motorcyclist hit a curb and fly off his bike onto the sidewalk.  I'll never forget it.  And my girls are never going to ride.  Ever.  Sorry Grace (she wants one).


Emmy said...

I was totally addicted to FB but I just really haven't been doing it much lately. I definitely am more of a fruit girl. I used to craft...little helpers make it tricky now

Anonymous said...

If I want my hard shell taco to fall apart, I'd rather eat nachos! Incidentally what I had for dinner yesterday, lol! My husband and I say NO to motorcycles too. His friend died in a motorcycle accident. Sorry you were a witness to one; that's horrifying! Blackberries grow on the side of a nearby farm and I do believe they are ripe for the picking. Thanks for the reminder :P

Following via MFF. I wake up too late to post my site to the linky so I'm creating a new movement to start from your name is and working backwards, just to be different, LOL!