Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In & Other Randomness

Hello all!  I feel like I've near abandoned this blog during the last several weeks.  I keep meaning to do update posts and let you all know how life has been since Joel got home, but my follow-through has been poor, at best.

So, let's start with my weigh-in.  I've been keeping up with weighing myself on Wednesday mornings - every week.  Unfortunately, I don't have much to brag about.  I haven't lost any weight and I can't honestly say that my eating's been all that great.  I've been cooking healthier, but the Oreos and ice cream always seem to sneak in around bedtime.  I'm pretty much shooting myself in the foot with this.  I haven't worked out in two weeks.... I'm in the middle of a second wicked cold in the past three weeks.  My asthma has been terrible because of all the junk in my lungs, so I honestly can't go out for a run or get on the elliptical machine until it's all cleared up.

But, I do have plans to get back into running regularly.  Joel would like us to maybe run a race together soon.  I've never run for any reason besides health and torturing myself - so the idea of racing makes me laugh.  I keep telling him that a race wouldn't be much of a race for me.  He just responds by saying that he'll keep up pace with me.  I'm not sure he knows what he's committing to...

And if my marathon-running father-in-law is reading this... No.  You don't want to run with me when we come out to visit....  You'll lose any respect for me that you may have at this point.  Promise!

Besides not losing weight, not working out, being sick and being a terrible blogger... life is going pretty well.  I have much to update you all on and will hopefully get back on the horse soon!

Hope you're all well.  Thanks for hanging in with me!

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Erin said...

I'm still here! :) I tagged you for a meme on my blog. I've been waiting to read your most recent post at length and comment, since I completely know where you're coming from.