Friday, March 18, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

Head over to Wife of a Sailor and join in on this week's questions.

1.What are some of your ideas for staying connected with family…you know, those people we moved thousands of miles away from? submitted by Live it. Love it (or not). Write About It.

Well, we don't live on an active duty base in some far-away land, but we do have family on both coasts...  Facebook has been a great tool for us to use to keep family connected with us and the girls.  We try to do a trip out East to see Joel's family about once a year, although that doesn't always happen.  My sister and her family live in California, so I try to make one to two trips a year with the kids.

2.What’s the most romantic gift you have GIVEN? submitted by Painting My Canvas
For Christmas this year, Joel ordered a diamond tennis bracelet for me.  He had it sent to my mom and then she gave it to me on Christmas while we were in California.  It meant so much because it was one thing I've always wanted and then on top of that, I knew that Joel probably spent days overseas online looking at them and researching them.

3.Would you encourage your child, if they came to you and wanted to join the military? submitted by Perfectly Imperfect
Absolutely!  I would be so proud of them for wanting to serve in that way.

4.What is your least favorite bill to pay and why? submitted by A Little of This, A Little of That
My credit card bill.  It never seems to go away.  It would be great to wake up one day and not have it hanging over my head!

5.What is the proudest moment you’ve had as a military spouse? submitted by Our Okinawa Life
Not just one moment, but three!  Every time I see Joel come through the gate at the airport after a deployment...  those emotions are indescribable, but I feel such pride to call him my husband.

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