Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Baby's 6 Months!

Autumn turned 6-months just a few weeks ago.  My baby's growing up!  She's now rolling over from both her belly and her back.  She's holding on to toys better and is for-sure a mommy's girl.  Autumn's such an easy-going baby and I'm so blessed by her.

Here are a few pictures I had done last week.  She's currently working on four teeth, so she wasn't thrilled to be there and she wasn't giving smiles that day.  But she's even cute while grumpy.

My friend, Stephanie, made the tutu for Autumn.  She has a fan page on Facebook called Cutie Pie Accessories.  Look her up!



what a princess!

Poekitten said...

I love the crying pictures! She doesn't want to be there but is so cute:)

Anonymous said...

they are great pictures! I love the last one :)

Emmy said...

She is so cute! And yes you will probably always love that crying one :)