Thursday, November 11, 2010

By His Heart

Joel deployed 126 days ago.  126 mornings without his girls to wake up to.  126 days without being able to hold his two little ones.  He is thousands of miles from a life he left behind so he could serve.  Joel and so many other soldiers are thousands of miles away from those they love.  They eat, sleep and sweat war and a mission that is bigger than any of us could imagine.  They fight so that we can lay our heads down at night in peace.  They fight so that we can go about what we consider to be busy and stressful lives.  They fight so that their loved ones will have a secure future.  They fight so that people who are strangers to them can be free.

Thousands of miles away from home, Joel is at work with a tiny flag in his breast pocket.  The flag is close to his heart, and he serves, like so many thousands of soldiers today, to maintain the freedom that our flag represents.

To those who serve today and to those who served in the past - thank you.  Thank you for your sacrifice, your unwavering commitment and your drive to keep us safe and our future secure.  We honor you today and we pray for you always.


Emmy said...

Beautiful post. And thank you, thank you for all Joel does and for all you and your girls sacrifice.

Lourie said...

Thanks for this beautiful post. And thank you to your husband for serving our country. Found you from Emmy's place.

dswillis said...

Thank you for supporting your husband and all that goes into your whole families sacrifice.

fresh_look_furniture said...

I'm a little late in reading this post... but I wanted to thank you & your husband. And thanks for this lovely post. Read it right after re-watching the Ellen "Surprise" so trust me, the tears are flowing!