Monday, November 22, 2010

My Anthem

1.  a song, as of praise, devotion or patriotism
2.  a piece of sacred vocal music, usually with words taken from the Scriptures

There are times in life when a song does the best job of summing up the state of my heart.  I have a list of songs that over the years, have had a place to help me celebrate, mourn and heal.  Just a few days after Joel left, I head a Bebo Norman song on the radio that I've enjoyed in the past, but suddenly it rang true to my heart.  I've been listening to it over and over again - often in tears - and sometimes, in the backseat of the car, I can hear Grace singing along.

So, for those who feel broken, empty, tired or afraid, maybe this anthem that has helped me, will ring true for your soul, too.

I'd love for you to share an "anthem" of yours either past or present!


Erin said...

You are Good~ Point of Grace

Right after Rachel died and a friend was diagnosed with MS, this song brought me to tears and caused me to sing at the top of my lungs.

Love you!

Natalia said...

Lovely, lovely song. Thanks for sharing it!

meg said...

heard of the group selah? one of their new songs "you deliver me" has been an anthem for me. jill, lets set a date after thanksgiving if you are free.......missed you sunday, i was alone and looked for you to sit with. i talked to your dad. keep my number close if you need anything:)