Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace: An Introduction

Grace, Gracie, Bubbers, Bubberkin.... this beautiful girl came into our lives in March of 2006. For four years, she was our one and only.

I thought I'd let her introduce herself to you. So, I sat down with her and asked her some questions - here are her responses:

Me: Tell me what your favorite thing to play is.

Grace: With my kitchen at Grandma Anne's house.

Me: Where do you like to go for fun?

Grace: To the toy store at the mall and Toys 'R Us.

Me: What is your favorite toy right now?
Grace: My bicycle.

Me: If you could have any toy that you wanted, what would you pick?

Grace: A giraffe.

Me: What foods do you like to eat?

Grace: French toast, chicken nuggets, honey, chicken, potatoes and cheeseburgers.

Me: Where are your favorite places to go?

Grace: To the mall, to Target, to the park and to see Aunt Kristin.

Me: What is your favorite animal at the zoo to visit?

Grace: A giraffe.

Me: Why do you love Daddy so much?

Grace: Cause he's so cuddly.

Me: What about Autumn is so special?

Grace: Cause she's cuddly and I like to hold her hand.

Me: What's your favorite color?

Grace: Blue.

Me: What is your favorite song to sing?

Grace: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Grace is full of energy and is a great mix of Joel and I. She spends as much time with her train table and Lego as she does with her dolls and cooking toys.

She's a lot like Joel in that she picks up on new concepts extremely fast but is like me in that she's cautious to try them out. She's analytical and likes to figure things out before she attempts them - she was slow to crawl, walk, talk and "potty", but once she figured out how to do these things in her head, she was set to go and quickly conquered the new skill.

Grace has been my little bud through two deployments. There's no way I would have survived as well if she wasn't here to keep me busy and my daily life full of joy. When times were lonely, she'd offer plenty of sweet kisses and warm hugs to fill me up and help me to keep trucking.

She's my ray of sunshine, my mini-me.

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What a great little girl, I love hearing Joel's stories about the incidents with the train village. Good stuff!