Monday, June 21, 2010

Autumn: An Introduction

Sweet Autumn came into our family this April. She's two months old already, which is hard for this momma to believe.

She's a super easy-going baby... she hardly cries and started sleeping through most of the night by two weeks old. Autumn was born with lots of brown hair and has eyes as blue as sapphires. She's such a joy and we're blessed to have her in our family.

Obviously, at just two months, there's still plenty we don't know yet about this little girl. I rock her in the middle of the night and wonder who she will become. What will her dreams and joys be? What will her laugh sound like? Will her and Grace have a close relationship? It is in these quiet moments that I pray over her - that she would know God at an early age at that she'd have a heart for Him. I pray that I would be a good mother to her and her sister.

We're enjoying each of these precious moments as a family of four. In just a few short weeks, Joel will be leaving and we know that it will be many long months until the four of us are together again. My heart hurts because I know Autumn will change so much while he's away, and he knows that more and more. It's something I don't even need to say, because it's written clearly on his face when he holds her and looks at her. He knows he'll miss many of those precious "firsts".

I just want these next few weeks to slow down... I wish I could add hours to every day.


Emmy said...

Look at her hair! So cute. And how lucky are you that she is already sleeping through the night.

Jill said...

I'm SO lucky! Grace didn't sleep through until 6 months and I was ready to do it again this time. So happy not to have to, though. *knock on wood*