Tuesday, June 7, 2011


(image from Committed Indians)

I had quite the conundrum today while at the doctor's office.  I was finishing up with the appointment - making small talk with the nurse practitioner when she said something shockingly beautiful.  She said my body mass index (BMI) was low.  I was underweight.  Underweight?  I was totally baffled and told her I was hoping to lose another ten pounds or so, and she told me "no", "don't".  I actually needed to gain a few pounds, according to her.

As I got dressed, I was in a state of bliss.  Wonderful bliss.  My fight this last year to lose weight in a slow and healthy way, got me to a point where I actually needed to gain a few pounds.  Then I took a peek at my chart and my bliss ended right then.  The nurse had inaccurately written my weight from today.  And I mean the number was way off... like my freshman year of high school - off. 

I had a moment when I didn't know what to do.  I mean, I knew what the right thing to do was.  But I really liked the feeling of bliss I had, no matter how delusional it was at the time.  I thought I could keep that feeling going if I just let that number stay there in black and white, until I had to go back next year.

I took my delusional self to the nurse's desk and revealed the error.  The glorious error.

Now, according to their records, I am no longer underweight.  Sad but true.

Reality isn't as fun as delusion.


Karla @ The Culinary Enthusiast said...

:( Sorry! However, you should absolutely be proud of losing weight in the careful, methodical, determined way that you did! Pretty sure you've shed more pounds than I have in the past year!!! :)

Emmy said...

Oh yes I would have been tempted too! But then it might make it look really weird the next year. And yes- even if you are not there yet- you should def be proud of all your progress.