Friday, October 22, 2010

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In

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1.Are you a night owl or an early bird?
Naturally, I'm a night owl.  I love to stay up late and work on projects and watch TV and movies.  My girls have completely changed that, and now in order to beat them at their game, I get up early so that I can at least get a shower in before they get up.

2.What makes you jealous?
I don't think I'm really a jealous person. However, there have been a few girls from Joel's past that have tried to get in touch with him again and that really, really bothers me.  Hello, ladies?  He's taken.  I won!

3.Have you started Christmas/holiday shopping yet? When will you finish? (There’s only 63 days left!)
Yes!  I started this spring, actually.  I think this is the best I've ever done.  I would say I'm about 80% done and it feels so good.  My goal is to be done before the end of November.

4.What would you have a personal chef make you tonight?
I'm really in a surf 'n turf kind of mood.  So, I'd ask for a steak (medium-rare), grilled shrimp, a baked potato and asparagus. 

5.Where was your first kiss?
Technically on the playground in first grade.  Some little boy chased me down and kissed me by the slide.  But my first real kiss was on a porch swing.

Confession time... I feel like a bad blogger this week.  The girls and I have all been a bit under-the-weather and I'm soooo tired.  I have a few blog post ideas floating around in my head, but if you have anything in particular that you'd like me to talk about, let me know please!  I promise to do better next week.



1. Night Owl's Rule! You can get so much more done when there isn't anyone around, of course the bad part is if you wait till the middle of the night to start a project you better hope Wal-Mart carries the parts/pieces you need cause nothing else is open.

4. That's gross!

*C. Time - I think it is going around we have pretty much stocked up on Tylenol Sinus, Clariton, and any other drug you can think of in our house. I hope your family feels better!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... surf n' turf!

L. said...

I too am a natural night owl; sadly it appears that my son is a total morning person. :)