Thursday, May 24, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: She's Ready!

I'm linking up this week with Emmy Mom for Proud Mommy Moments - a fun and easy post where I get to share what moments tickled my heart or made me turn red in embarrassment from my kids.  This week, I'm pretty darn tickled.

Two weeks ago, Grace went through some testing to evaluate her readiness for 1st grade.  In normal Jill-fashion, I stressed out about this test and began quizzing Grace nightly on things that she would be tested on.  Joel kept reminding me that it was just Kindergarten, and that I needed to chill.  But that's just not me.

Yesterday the results came home, and I ripped the envelope open as soon as Grace handed it to me.  And wouldn't you know, she did great!  She tested perfectly in letter identification and comprehension and interpretation.  She also tested near-perfect in phonemic awareness and mathematical knowledge.

Again, I realize this is Kindergarten... but when it's your kid, you're proud!  She's grown so much this year... she loves to figure out how to spell words and she loves "quizzing" Joel and I in math while we're driving around in the car.

I can't wait to see how her mind and heart continue to grow... 1st Grade is coming up way to fast!


Emmy said...

Yea!! Something to be proud of no matter who's kid she is. So awesome. And yes I am sure she will do great in 1st grade. Was kinder half day for you? It is weird at first when they go from the half day to full but it all quickly seems like the norm

Jill said...

@Emmy Yes, she did full-day this year. It was a hard transition at first... can't believe i'll have a 1st grader soon!

Trista Laborn said...

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Kmama said...

That's great! I would have done the exact same thing. We all want our kids to excel!

Thanks for linking up with Emmy and me!