Friday, April 20, 2012

She's 2 & I'm Sad About It

If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, then you are well aware that Autumn turned 2 today.  I'm sorry, but I'm one of those moms who is so in love with my kids that I expect you to be, too.  And you should.  Because they're pretty awesome kids and super cute, too.

Anyway, we celebrated Autumn's birthday the same way we did with Grace when she turned 2 - with a trip to Build-a-Bear and then lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese.  The trip to Build-a-Bear was hysterical - she went crazy and ran from one thing to the next... free from her stroller and with so much stimuli.  It was fun and she now has a bear named Crissy.  We were then off to a heartburn-inducing lunch at Chuck-E-Cheese.  It was fun.  And I'm pretty sure Joel and I had as much fun as Autumn did, because skee ball is awesome.

At the end the day, a dear friend came over and had dinner with us and helped to celebrate Autumn's special day.  While the kids were playing, I confessed to my friend that although we had a lot of fun today, I felt like I was mourning Autumn turning 2.  As a mom, you always want  your kids to grow.  There would be something wrong if  you never wanted your kids to grow in age, knowledge and understanding.  That is your job as a mom - to make sure they get from being a newborn to a thriving adult.

But I'm having a hard time with it.  Something about 2 says that I need to say goodbye to Autumn as a baby.  And I'm not quite ready to do that.  But she is - as evidenced with two new Autumn words today: "mall" and "pizza".  My baby isn't quite a baby anymore.

Happy birthday, my sweet, funny little girl!


Emmy said...

Yes it really is a bitter sweet thing. Ryder will be two next month- so right there with you. What a fun birthday tradition! I. Have never taken my kids to build- a bear, but they know Chuck-E-cheese too well

Jill said...

She's so cute, Jill! Those cheeks!

Hudson turned 2 in November. I was ok with that, but now that he's potty-trained, it's made me realize that he's not a baby! And I don't think we're having any more (unless God decides otherwise), so he's our last baby! Definitely hard.

I'd say you should just have another baby - that way you don't have to be sad about Autumn. That would probably take care of it!

Jamie said...

Mine is going to be 2 in a few weeks too. She is definitely not a baby anymore but I love it. :)