Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome Home Banner

About a month before Joel came home, I ordered his welcome home banner.  I had heard about a company who offered free custom welcome home banners and cards for soldiers, but it took a bit of digging to track down the company. has a selection of welcome home and "In Memory" banners that are completely customizable.  It took me less than a minute to change the text on the banner to read as I wanted.  The company also has jumbo cards that would be fun to send for special occasions while your troop is deployed or to bring with when they come home.

The banner was free.  All I paid for was the cost of shipping.  The banner is really well-made and I'm sure we'll have no trouble using it again.  It took less than a week for it to be delivered and the communication from the company was outstanding.

Just through I'd pass this on to you - hope it'll be useful.  And I'm more than happy to give credit to a great company who supports our troops in such a practical way!

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This American Wife said...

Aren't the signs great? I ordered one 2 years ago when D got home from his deployment. They look great and hold up too!

Erin said...

You can order multiples too! I've ordered three in the past - this company is GREAT!

Whitney said...

I used too! I made the mistake of not having the grommets put in though and didn't really have a way to hang the sign. Somehow though, my Mom managed to hang it up on our porch! I put a picture of my Hubby on the banner, but plan to reuse it should he ever deploy again. LOL.

Thanks for passing the word along!

Jessica said...

I just got my welcome home banner for Mr. I in the mail last week. It looks great!

Mowenackie said...

I used them, too, when T came home. I liked them a lot as well.

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering where you got your sign from :)