Sunday, December 5, 2010

150 Days

We've made it through day 150.  I had to look over my calendar again and make sure I counted right because 150 seems like such a big number and I can hardly believe I'm still feeling sane at this point.  But I am.  People ask me all the time how I'm doing and I usually say "well" or "really well"... it all depends on the day.  But I'm still saying "really well", and I know that for me to say that at this point, with all that's gone on in the last 150 days, that it has to be a God thing.

I know so many people are praying for us daily.  I know because I'm told all the time and it means the world to me that so many people are standing next to us right now. 

Our pastor and his family came back to church today after a 4-month sabbatical.  When they left in August, I was anxious, because it was just another change from normal and security for me.  It was great to hear today all that God did in their lives and in their family during this time - they are renewed.

Sometimes a time away renews a person.  Sometimes time away from those we hold the most dear renews us far beyond what we could imagine.  Our church was renewed, refreshed and strengthened even during our pastor's absence.  It was great to see how our church came together to pick-up the slack and become a united front.

The same thing is true of this deployment.  People are always surprised when I say we're doing well and that my marriage to Joel is strong, despite his absence and what he's doing overseas.  But the same principle applies for us as it does to our pastor and our church family.  When you are away from those you love the most you: 1) realize how much you count on them 2) realize how different your life is with them away 3) realize that you can do more than you ever thought 5) realize that your life is absolutely better with them there, but they are not the head of your life.  And a very important #6 for us, is that your realize how often you put that other person in the place that God should have. 

So, 150 days done, with plenty of lessons learned, and I'm sure, more to come.

Strength for today, and bright hope for tomorrow
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!


Michelle said...

Love this post. Those lessons learned are SO TRUE! I've realized all of those things so far as well. My husband has been gone for four months now. Life is definitely better with him here. But I think I'm a better mom because I've been forced to be, and I've also realized that I wasn't putting God first like I should've been.

Emmy said...

Yes absence really can help the heart grow fonder, which is why I try and get a break from my kids every now and then ;)